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What we do

We help our clients with their most complex and critical matters.

Our Approach

Our distinctive structure drives our approach to clients and their critical problems. We don’t have employees; our partners work directly with our clients.

We choose our engagements carefully - we focus on problems that require the extensive experience of our partners, and their originality in problem-solving. We work with correspondent law firms globally, where necessary - we pick the best-for-the-job in each jurisdiction.

We don’t charge by the hour. We advise on the laws of the State of New York, England and Wales, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

Our Work

We focus on buying, selling, restructuring and creatively financing businesses; and dealing with the disputes that occur as a result.

We focus on transformative transactions, board-level advice, and disputes; usually across multiple jurisdictions.

Our Clients

We counsel individuals, boards and senior management in critical situations.

Our clients are global individuals and businesses facing complex issues in a variety of jurisdictions. We help them grow or rationalize; raise capital; partner with other businesses; and manage disputes.

Our Reputation

Our clients say that we craft original solutions to complex problems.